I want to die of anything but death

Anytime is the time
to hear the song
this song the song
our time is calling
This is the time
the time of the Sandman
Do you hear the sound of the sand

Chomp chomp
the screen is flat
Here is kilotons of bandwidth buffer-free
How many heads do we have with
our feet in gravy..
Do we know what we cant see?

So quick! lets make up a story :
A story like something a moment will bear
I can tell you nice and
you can tell me quick
See.. I want to die of anything but death*

Every wall is a need
and it is false
Half my heart builds a lie
upon its own other half..
Don’t we know
history is a dark secret yet
and love is the people
we will not have?

I look for no way to lock my heart
Tell me, what is it that you do?

I need no war to take me away
from the battles I make with myself
Its ok
I am only bleeding
See.. i got no time to use your knives

Hey bartender
chuck some pints here, i say
I am deaf to the chatter and to the slogans
Across the distance I hear a song
Don’t stay your hand upon the measure
and keep your eyes upon the symbols

I go into the dark
and it is mine
there is no one else to claim it
Inside the dark
I plant words
then i must be the one to name it?

For what is mine
is what will kill me
Not bad to find such reason to die
Hear my words return
one by one
like secrets falling from the sky

The crack in the dark
of the dark in the dream
shows me what i dare to know

The air is full
I climb a mountain
I empty myself in the field i sow..

MM, August 2015